How A Translation Agency Works

Do you ever need to get a document translated into another language? Maybe you’re planning a trip to a foreign country and need your documents translated for the embassy. Or maybe you work for a company that does business in other countries and needs translations of legal contracts, marketing materials, or employee handbooks. In any case, if you need a document translated, you’ll probably need to hire a translation agency. But what does a translation agency actually do? Let’s take a closer look.

Translation agencies work with translation companies to convert languages from one written form to another. The translation company finds and hires translators and then the translation agency takes the completed translation and edits it before sending it back to the translation company, who will deliver it to you, the client.

This process used to be done manually via fax or email, but is now largely automated thanks to technological advancements in translation technology. Language experts used to complete most of the work by hand, but this laborious task was eventually replaced by translation tools – machine translation software). These days, most of a translator’s job consists of translating documents into their native language with these powerful editing tools and submitting them for translation by translation experts.

Translation agencies also perform quality checks on the translation, ensuring that it’s accurate and appropriate for business use. Many translation companies will first consult with you to discuss exactly what your translation needs are before contracting out the work to translators. If you’re just looking for a quick translation of one or two pages, then there’s no reason not to work directly with an individual translator. However, if you need many documents translated or want them edited by experts who understand legal issues or marketing concerns, then you’ll want to hire a translation agency instead.

Translation agencies are also adept at translation memory, which is a translation management tool. Translation memory tools allow translators to use previously translated texts as models for future translation projects. This is extremely useful when you need the same translation repeated over and over again in different documents or presentations, allowing your translation agency to save time and money by recycling completed translations.

The translation industry has changed radically over the past decade with an increased reliance on automated translation technology combined with ever more savvy translation agencies who understand how to work with software tools like translation memory systems. If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your translation projects, contact a reputable translation agency today!

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