Keter Cultivates Community Connection Through School Garden Program

Keter North America, a leading manufacturer of outdoor storage and furniture products, has partnered with the nonprofit FoodCorps on an initiative to help schools create garden spaces for hands-on learning. This collaboration is part of Keter’s Green Spaces program, which aims to build positive community areas aligned with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The partnership provides schools with resources like storage sheds, raised garden beds, seating, and organization tools to establish and maintain garden spaces. In return, schools commit to using the gardens to foster students’ connection to nature and teach them about topics spanning plant science, nutrition, biology, and environmental stewardship. Keter and FoodCorps share the goal of promoting child well-being through gardening education.

The program was inaugurated at a Miami elementary school, transforming their outdoor area into a “Food Forest” learning environment. This first project under the Green Spaces initiative showcases Keter’s desire to demonstrate environmental leadership, starting locally in Miami and expanding more broadly. Guided by CEO Alejandro Pena, pursuing sustainability has become fundamental to Keter’s identity.

On Global Recycling Day, Keter brought recycling education to an elementary school in France. Company representatives taught students about Keter’s use of recycled materials in resin furniture, explaining common recycling symbols found on products. Keter aims to utilize 55% recycled materials by 2025, seeing environmental stewardship as part of its duty as a global manufacturer.

The application process requires schools to detail their motivations and plans for garden spaces. Schools must have adequate room for gardens and commit to setting up donated products for educational purposes. In exchange for donations, schools agree to participate in some publicity and provide Keter with photos of their completed garden projects. Schools can apply from raised beds to storage sheds for specific Keter products that would best serve their garden plans and community.

Through its Green Spaces collaboration with FoodCorps, Keter lives out its values of sustainability while fostering the next generation’s connection to the environment. Although a global company, Keter aims to make positive impacts locally through community partnerships. The school garden program represents a worthy investment to provide learning opportunities, healthy food access, and community engagement for students and neighborhoods. Just as the old saying goes, those who plant trees for future generations to enjoy demonstrate true public spirit. Keter aspires to make such investments in communities’ long-term health across North America and worldwide.

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