Top Tips to Successfully take a Mandarin Class for Adults

As a dialect of the Chinese language and one of the world’s top languages, Mandarin is often used for professional purposes—especially by businessmen. However, working while learning a new language with a complex writing system (Pinyin) is not a piece of cake. The good news is it is not impossible at all. Therefore, if you are an adult who works 9-to-5 and need to take a Mandarin class, here is the list of the top tips to successfully learn the language.

1. Know your priorities and set them right

Everyone has a different goal of why they decide to learn a new language. While some people need to learn Mandarin to have a conversation with confidence, others want to comprehend the language’s basics. Thus, spend some time to find out your priorities on learning Mandarin. It may help you select the activities most suitable for your goals.

2. Learning everything is not a must

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, Chinese Mandarin consists of a set of complicated characters. Nonetheless, if your main purpose is to learn the language’s conversational skills, you do not need to learn Chinese characters deeply. It is more suggested that you focus on the activities that help you speak comfortably in Mandarin.

3. It is better to learn from a native speaker

There are countless ways to learn the Chinese language and its dialects. Taking a Mandarin class can be a solution, but not a must. You can also install an application on your gadget that supports you in learning Mandarin with a Chinese native speaker. This way, you can upgrade your conversational skills much better in the dialect.

4. Discipline yourself in the routine

Besides taking Mandarin classes or learning with someone who speaks Chinese as their mother tongue, you can always practice the language yourself. Even only in several minutes a day, it is important that you stick to practicing the language.

Read a textbook or dictionary of Chinese Mandarin and practice speaking in the language alone in front of a mirror. You can do this in your office! Also, take a little time in a day to practice writing the different strokes of Mandarin’s complex characters.

5. Let Mandarin be a part of yourself

No matter how much time you have to learn Mandarin, what matters is your dedication to learning the language. To be able to speak Mandarin very well, getting more deeply involved with the language is important. Even better, if you let it be a part of your identity and mingle with the locals of a China town in your region.

Now that you have known the top tips to learn Mandarin for adults. Are you ready to take a Mandarin class and have fun?

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