10 reasons why your SEO agency needs a plagiarism checker now

Is your website’s SEO at risk because of plagiarism? Do you want to understand how plagiarism affects the ranking factors you see on SERP? How do these blog writings relate to plagiarism? Are these some of the questions you have in mind? Then you must try SEO. SEO can easily be understood by 1st understanding what plagiarism stands for. Also, we will also enlist a few points on why your agency requires a plagiarism checker today.

Avoids copyright issues

Plagiarism often happens when an idea has been copied, but a copyright violation is likely to occur when any fixed expression has been copied. Plagiarism is when you use the work of other people without taking their permission. It could also be copyright infringement when you distribute and reproduce the same works without taking the permission of the writers. Now, these issues can occur to almost anyone & sometimes they happen without even letting you realize it. Hence, you must be careful and use a plagiarism checker to avoid these issues.

Provides Protection Against Penalties

If your website gets penalized, all the ranked pages will disappear or maybe the ranking will also drop drastically for the keywords that have been targeted. Google never faces a challenge when it comes to understanding plagiarized content and the result could be the same as getting a penalty. Hence, it is advisable for all SEO agencies to use a plagiarism checker. This will prevent the visibility of your website from being diluted or any sort of negative impact on the search engine rankings.

Saves a lot of SEO efforts

If you want to achieve high ranks, plagiarized content will never help you get there, no matter how good the website’s authority is or how good the keywords are. Writing good content can be quite a time taking process with some extra effort, but in reality, it is also quite important. Apart from this, there are also some steps that a lot of SEO experts take to make their article a lot more friendly. You could use 3-6 keyword repetitions, start the abstract with 2 important keyword findings, maintain consistency and let the keywords flow contextually and naturally. Combining these efforts together will lead to SEO results. Also, if you want to end up saving some time, then consider a paraphrasing tool that will help you in changing the words of your original content.

Gain Traffic

Publishing high-quality, fresh and unique content will help you gain a lot of organic traffic. Since plagiarized content lacks a lot of readability and relevance, all of this causes the SEO ranking to be quite low. Websites usually stay away from issues associated with plagiarism to succeed. Even google can detect plagiarism and it is highly recommended that you check your content using a checker before the content is published on the website. Hence, to solve this problem, you need to use a plagiarism checker. They will create title tags using all the right keywords, update the website using relevant and fresh content to decrease any kind of negative effect.

Maintain brand reputation

Plagiarized content could damage the reputation of your brand. Knowing that there are millions of content being uploaded every month, it becomes all the more difficult to maintain a good reputation online.  Hence, it is advisable for all websites to use a proper plagiarism checker so that you could build your reputation online.

Conducts Deep Searches

Usually, blogs have more than 1000 words. Hence, it is advisable to use a plagiarism checker that will fit into the word count. Not all tools fulfill your demand of a high word count which could go beyond 1000 words. It is only a plagiarism detector that will understand the word limit, provide an extra counter and also check if the blog post is needed. Also, if the checker won’t suffice in checking the database, it will also provide a massive database or similarities that are found across millions of web pages available on the internet.


How can you avoid plagiarism in SEO?


It keeps a track of the sources

When you are researching for information to write new articles, ensure that you record all the sources. You could also avoid such traps easily by keeping the notes well-organized. A nice list of citations is also a good way to go about it. Regardless of whatever the source is- website, videos, articles, keep track of all of them.

Paraphrase & Quotes Important Points

Quote also means to copy any context or text word for word. The text that is copied should always be introduced in words, added within quotation marks, and then added to the author correctly.

Cites Sources Too

Whenever you paragraph or quote something, you have to add an in-text citation that also identifies the author. It will also consist of the page number as well as the publication year.

Every citation should also be able to prepare a complete reference within the list as well. There are various citation styles and each of them has won a set of styles required for citing. Some also include MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc.


Plagiarism Checker

It is definitely a must for you to check a free plagiarism checker if you are using small SEO calls if you want to check any plagiarism within your content. It also allows you to identify various parts in case you’ve forgotten about a citation, left out quotations, or included any paragraphs that aren’t close to the original text. You could also some steps mentioned above to modify any changes.

Unique content is what Google loves the most. The more unique content you write, the more reward it will fetch you and lead to better rankings and conversions. Plagiarized content could be a disgrace to your website’s reputation. It won’t help you create that fine impression you’ve always wanted. Hence, it is advisable to publish unique articles in small numbers for your website instead of posting plagiarized content.

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