The Benefits of an American Curriculum

If you are expecting that your son or daughter will develop into a self-made success, schooling is a critical aspect of a child’s development to adulthood. Each school has its own curriculum, which might be according to the Ministry of Education, or, as in the case of international schools, either the US or UK National Curriculum.

The Best in the World

If you are discussing the top global learning programs, the US and the UK would be top contenders and when looking for a south Bangkok international secondary school, a Google search is the best place to begin. If a child’s schooling incorporates the US National Curriculum, that’s like a gold seal standard and that would enable your child to enter the university of their choosing.

Active Learning

Project-based learning is now accepted as offering the best learning outcomes, much more so than a passive, teacher-classroom approach, which is passive as far as the students goes. The students work together in groups, which develops essential social skills, while the teachers nurture a love of learning within the students that stays with them throughout their lives. In this style of learning, the teacher is no longer the focus, rather they take on the role of facilitator, which requires special training to become competent.

The English Language

One of the biggest obstacles for Thai children is mastering the English language; if mum and dad are Thai, then school is the only real option; enrolling your child into a US international program ensures that they will be fluent by the time they leave school. Regardless of the chosen industry, a lack of English ability is a major problem that can stop a young person from achieving their goals. Of course, you can practice at home and watch original soundtrack movies, which all helps, but that alone will not be enough to develop language fluency.

Global Perspective

When a student learns an international program, they are taught about the world’s history; the Romans, the Greeks, the Incas, and, of course, the birth of the USA and the 2 world wars. Thai schools, for example, do not include world history, preferring to stick to Asian history, which does leave the student packing in essential knowledge.

Start with a Google search and browse the local international school websites and with a choice of the US or the UK National Curriculum, you can choose the path your child will take.

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