6 Important Steps To Follow To Obtain Your Commercial Pilot Certification

Are you interested in commercial flying? There are two ways to get a commercial pilot license. One is the more prominent part 61 certification process, and the other is part 141, a typical airline program. Both courses of action have different flight requirements, so think about what environment (theory or practical) you are most comfortable with before following one path. Part 61 is pretty straightforward to get your license in a cost-efficient way. Part 141 gives you the advantage of having a flight instructor giving you instructions and help along the way.

1.   Get A Reputable Commercial Pilot Training School

Getting a reputable flight school is the key to becoming a professional pilot. With a reputable flight school, you will be able to earn your wings and explore the great height beyond as a pro. You will get all the education and training resources you need to pursue your training successfully. Of importance is to ensure that your flight school of choice is FAA certified.

2.   Obtain A Private Pilot License

Most people who want to be commercial airline pilots start earning a private pilot license. Obtaining PPL is critical towards achieving commercial pilot requirements. You can accomplish this somewhat entry-level rating with little more than a high school diploma and an affordable flight course geared towards an aviation career. However, you will require a medical certification to undertake a PPL course.

Private pilot trainees receive general pilot skills and basic maneuvers like take-offs, landings, creating different flight paths and stalls. While these skills are guaranteed to make any new commercial pilot better able to handle their aircraft, there are still a few hurdles to clear before you can go pro.

3.   Complete Instrument Rating

The instrument rating helps student pilots learn to master the challenges of flying, such as in low visibility conditions, and thus fly in different weather comfortably. Pilots must be instrument-rated to fly commercially. Instrument rating helps pilots improve their accuracy. Instrument rating involves intensive training and is necessary for a pilot to fly under Instruments Flight Rules (IFR).

4.   Get A Flight Instructor Certificate

You will be well ready with the knowledge of getting your flight instructor certificate after completing a private pilot license and a ground school course in the following areas.

  • Airports
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aviation physiology

 You will need a flight instructor certificate to fly as a commercial pilot. However, as stated earlier, it’s important to take training from an accredited FAA-approved flight school.

A flight instructor certificate is an FAA-designated teaching certificate required to conduct training at an FAA-certificated flight school. If you want to teach someone how to fly using your training airplane, or if you are going to become an FAA examiner, you need a commercial flight instructor’s certificate (CFI). You must have had at least 100 hours of flight time with 50 hours of cross-country time as a pilot before becoming eligible for the CFI exam.

5.   Complete Multi-Engine Rating

Completing a multi-engine rating and some other ratings will allow you to fly commercially as a pilot. The Multi-Engine Rating is usually the next logical step for pilots who have mastered flying in a single-engine aircraft. Multi-engine rating opens up a variety of different opportunities for professional pilots.

6.   Obtain Your Commercial Pilot Certification

The commercial flight certificate is valid for one year and requires that you have 1,500 hours of flight time with 200 hours in a specific type of aircraft. This achievement will be a big step in securing your professional air career and give you some excellent job marketability.


Becoming a Commercial pilot requires commitment, consistency, confidence, an excellent background knowledge, and a state-approved pilot training school. However, to achieve the best flight training experience and get your certification within the shortest time possible, you need to enroll in a reputable flight school such as the KingSky Flight Academy.

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