Top 5 trends of School Uniform

Uniforms are a badge of pride and give the feel of unity and integrity to the students. A scientific research shows that just by wearing a uniform you increase your respect and value in the eyes of the people. Thus, School Uniforms play a vital role in representing your institution and it is very important that apart from being unique they should also match with the contemporary trends.

Here are major the top 5 trends in the uniforms of the schools:

  • Suit Jacket – Combination of the blazer and tie can never be out of fashion. But, nowadays a lot of schools are upgrading their dress code from blazers to suit jackets. These suit jackets give a formal and clean look to the students. A dark colored formal school jacket when paired with a perfect knot tie and crisp pants/skirts looks too elegant on any student, whether they are kindergarteners or high school kids.
  • Polo Shirts – Polo t-shirts in school uniforms is one of the latest and best trends as students love wearing polo shirts to school. These t-shirts are loved by students because they are very comfortable as well as stylish thus any student would love to wear it to school. There are many online websites that sells girls and boys school uniform from where you can get more info on the polo t-shirts for school.
  • Sportswear – Whether it is a sports event, sports period or practices; your students will need a separate sports uniform. A sports uniform is a necessary dress kit for the students thus many school have also given these uniforms to their students. It mainly includes a zipped jacket and gym wear. Various schools design their sports uniform with their logo printed on it.
  • Tartan Pattern – The tartan pattern wall initially introduced for the skirts of girls but now this pattern has came into great trend. Not just the skirt of girls but now you can also see tartan shirts by many schools for both boys and girls. A lot of schools have also designed their sports jackets and schools in tartan print. It gives a very unique look to the students as not many schools use this pattern for their school dress thus it makes them stand out of the box.
  • Logo of lowers – Another latest trend is logo of the schools on the trousers and skirts of the students. It is a unique form of uniforms as in the world where every school prefer to have a logo on uppers, having a logo on lowers is a complete different thing. For more information, Please visit : https://www.cookieskids.com.  

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